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If you really want to get down and dirty as far as localsex is concerned, throw away all your old expectations, assumptions and mindsets. Seriously. Get rid of that shit.

Also, you might want to burn down all the narratives you have built around the idea of localsex as well. Because if you want to really get down to it, it all boils down to your willingness and eagerness to give pleasure to somebody else.

That’s really all that’s involved because if you are ready to pleasure other people instead of just pleasuring yourself or somehow satisfying your ego, then things become possible because people like that are very rare.

Most of us are pleasure-seeking individuals. In other words, we are the center of our universe. When we die, the world dies with us because hey, it’s all about I, me, mine. It’s not uncommon for people to just operate on a purely me, me, me basis.

And it’s no surprise that people aren’t getting laid because their center of gravity is so tightly woven into their ego that there’s really not much room to move. There’s no space. There’s no wiggle room. There’s no area for exploration, curiosity, imagination, innovation. People get laid because they start with the right local bang site, in my case I used

You need all of that to figure out local sex. You need all of that to deliver a solid experience to people, and the word does get around. So start looking at things the other way around. In other words, if you’re looking at things from the perspective of getting as much pussy as possible, you might want to turn that on its head. You’d be surprised as to what you would find.

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