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Let’s face it, there are a lot of real cougars on online dating sites like . The problem is a lot of them are professional sexdaters. By professional, I’m talking about you have to pay to play. While a lot of guys don’t have a problem with this, if you are the typical dude, you would have a problem with this because hey, you joined an online dating site because you’re looking for a real date. You’re looking to hook up naturally. You’re not trying to deal with a professional. If you wanted to do that, there are all sorts of online services for that shit. Do you see where I’m coming from? Unfortunately, people keep getting taken  advantage of again and again.

Travel money scammers

There are also real cougars that try to be your friend. They are real because they go on Skype with you. They even become Facebook friends with you. These are flesh and blood human beings, these are not dudes pretending to be cougars. These are not software driven profiles trying to separate you from your hard earned dollars. These are flesh and blood human beings. The problem is they have fucked up intentions.

Once they become friends with you, they would then send you a message saying that they were traveling and they lost all their money, they want you to wire them some money. I’m telling you right now, you’re never going to see that money again, these are scammers. The moment she starts talking about needing money or traveling, drop her like a hot potato and just move the fuck on.

Fake intro profiles

These are very annoying. The moment you join a website, all these hot cougars start messaging you, well, don’t get too excited. These are not real cougars. They’re actually software generated profiles. Nine times out of ten, these profiles are controlled by other websites. They are not from the same site that you’re a member of. The reason why these automated accounts start hitting you up is they’re trying to divert you from that website to another. Adding insult to injury, they would divert you from a totally free online dating site to one that charges a monthly fee. Talk about fucked up.

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