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I’ve been told that women hate rough sex, but judging from all of the random women that BoxTruckSex has found in off of the street who absolutely love it, I don’t think that’s a true statement! BoxTruckSex prowls around the busiest streets of popular European cities to find beautiful women they’d like to invite back into their truck. They pick them out of a crowd! Using ploys such as porn casting in public, a free massage, or paid photoshoots, they convince the women to head back into their truck.

Their truck is a sight to behold too, and it’s perfect for sex in a one-way mirrored box! All of the sides of the truck are made out of one-way mirrors. The hot girls can see out at the busy city streets, but none of the strangers can see in. What a perfect way to enjoy sex in public in an entirely safe manner – with all of the erotic buzz at the same time.

It’s not just like these girls only want to have missionary sex in the back of the Box Truck either. Easily sorted by categories for people like you and I who have specific fetishes, these women love to do a lot of kinky sex! Enjoy scenes with creampies, deep throating, foot fetishim, squirting, cum swallowing, and more!

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